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Mingma Sherpa

Born in Thame of Solukhumbu district, a village known to the world of great climbing Sherpas, Mingma Sherpa was born to climb. By the time he joined Climbalaya as its Director, he was already an accomplished and respected climbing Sirdars in Nepal. He had successfully climbed over twenty-five 8,000-meter peaks, including Mount. Everest, Mount Cho-Oyu, Manaslu, and Mount Shishapangma. After his 10th summit to Mount Everest in 2016, Mingma put down his climbing gears to rest for good. However, his love for climbing the icy peaks continues, pouring his knowledge, expertise and instincts into organizing the logistics and running operations of each expedition and trek in Climbalaya.

His first-hand experience, expertise and insights are the strength that help our teams to lead expeditions safely and successfully.

While Mingma’s own illustrious summits are achievements on their own, there are many noteworthy expeditions that he has led or provided logistical support in that deserve accolades. In 2009 he successfully guided Bill Burke to summit Mount Everest from the Nepal side, making him the oldest American to do so. In 2014, Burke returned to Mingma to guide him in climbing Mount Everest from the Tibetan side. He also guided Ms. Tamae Watanabe from Japan for her 2012 Everest summit, making her a Guinness World Record holder for the oldest female Mt. Everest summiteer from Tibet side.

In 2013

Mingma also guided David Liano of Mexico to the summit of Everest from the north side on 19th May after David had successfully summited from the south side on the 11 th May. His achievement has also been recognized by Guinness World Record. He was given a Certificate of “First Person to Climb Both Sides of Mt. Everest in One Season Mingma was also the team leader that guided the first combat wounded veteran Charlie Linville of the Heroes Project to the summit of Everest. This was also Mingma's 10th and final Everest summit.

In 2016

As part of the Climbalaya team, Mingma’s contribution to the company has been tremendous. In 2016, Mingma became one of the firsts to reach the summit of Mt. Everest from the North side. He was the leader of the expedition team that included Ngima Tashi Sherpa, Chhiring Wanchu Sherpa, Pasang Sherpa and Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa.

In 2019

Mingma assisted with crucial logistical support to Nims’ Shishapangma expedition under “Project Possible”. Without Mingma’s expert liaising, it would have been a challenge to secure a climbing permit in Tibet for the expedition. Similarly, Mingma was also the leader of the logistical team to Kristin Harila’s 2023 dream project wherein she aimed to conquer all fourteen 8,000m peaks in 3 months. Mingma assisted her on her successful climbs to Mount Shishapangma and Mount Cho-Oyu. For Climbalaya, Mingma is truly irreplaceable. His first-hand experience, expertise and insights are the strength that help our teams to lead expeditions safely and successfully. His work relationships with China Tibet Mountaineering Association (CTMA) rope fixing team is the key to our trip's success. He works closely with the Chinese team and monitors our clients and Sherpa team’s logistics on Everest every year on the north side. Besides being an expert climber and a wonderful Director, Mingma is also a humanitarian. As the former chairman of Yambu Thamichho Kydug, he has led many initiatives and led several social initiatives. Under his leadership, they organized the Thame Valley Ice and Rock Festival that celebrated mountaineering legends Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Ang Rita Sherpa. He also initiated the first Introductory Rock-Climbing Course and the first Introductory Ice Training in collaboration with the Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association. Beyond climbing and mountaineering, Mingma also cares deeply for his community. He has raised and donated funds for various education and sports infrastructure projects in Thame and was actively involved in distributing medical essentials, food and relief materials and conducted public awareness programs during the Covid-19 pandemic. In recognition of his contribution and with faith in his organization skills, he was recently nominated as the coordinator of the organizing committee of the 14th Khumbu Lhosar Cup 2024.