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April 29, 2023

Hungarian Everest Expedition 2017

David ,Szilard and Edina along with the trekkers have safely reached base camp on the 7th Apr. Congratulations to Száraz Dénes,Mr. Mohai Balázs and Phurba for the island peak summit.

16-04-17 : David and Szilard succesfully went upto C1 and are back to base camp.

After a successful acclimatization to camp 3 7300m, the climbers are back to base camp for rest and recuperation.

22 May, 2017: The long wait for David and Szilard has finally ended. They have left base camp to camp II this morning for the summit attempt. They will reach camp III on 24th May and Camp IV on the 25th. Taking advantage of the good weather window, they plan to summit on the 26th morning. Our prayers and best wishes for David and Szilard.