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April 29, 2023

Climbalaya`s Earthquake Relief Works

Climbalaya is thankful to Maik Letsch for taking the initiative of raising funds to help the earthquake victims. The fund was used to distribute relief material, tarpulins, dining tents to the people of Thame and Thamo, Solukhumbu and Nuwakot district. Maik we highly appreciate your effort, thank you once again.

Handed over Goretex pants and Goretex jackets to the survivors of earthquake from Langtang Area at Yellow Gumba ( Langtang Disaster Relief Fund ) today. A huge thanks to German Ski Instructors Association (DSLV) and Herr Wolfgang Pohl for their support. The clothing brought smiles to their faces as it will help them when they rebuild their homes at such altitudes.