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Climbalaya Everest expedition 2017

final worship

Final puja performed at advance base camp 6400m on 25th April. Our climbing team can now begin acclimatizing and setting camps at the higher altitudes.

26 April, 2017: Andy and John have climbed to north col and are back to advance base camp. Rest of the team members are preparing to move to north col as they have all arrived at advance base camp.

May 14, 2017: After months and weeks of training and preparations, the time has come for the big day. Summit push is underway as Victor, Stanislav, Rashid, Kirill and Valentyn along with Pema Sherpa, Pemba Tenjing Sherpa, Mingma Nuru Sherpa and Peam Sherpa have reached camp II and plan to stand on the summit on the 16th May. Godspeed !!

Andy and Marion are back at the base camp. John , Dawa Tenzing and Pemba Tenzing have returned to base camp after spending night at north col. Horia will be climbing to camp II from north col and return back to ABC tomorrow.

Everest Expedition 2017

16 May, 2017: Russian team led by Victor Bobok summitted this morning at 5:30 NST. Congratulations to Victor, Valentyn, Kirill, Rashid, Stanislav,Pema Sherpa, Mingma Nuru, Pemba Tenjing, Lhakpa Nuru and Pema Sherpa.
They have all safely descended to advance base camp today.
Horia Colibasanu from Romania also successfully summited at 6:20 NST without oxygen and sherpa support.

Everest Expedition 2017

17 May, 2017: Horia is descending to north col and if conditions allow, he will reach ABC. Congratulations to all the summiteers.

22 May, 2017: John Anderson and Andy Anderson becomes the first Iowans to summit from the north side of Everest. They were accompanied by Dawa Tenzing Sherpa and Pemba Tenjing Sherpa.
Marion and Chhiring Wangchu Sherpa summited along side John and Andy.
This wraps up our successful Everest expedition on the north side 2017 with a 100 % success rate with nine clients and eight sherpas. Once again a hearty congratulations to all the summiteers and the hard working sherpa staffs.

Everest Expedition 2017
Everest Expedition 2017

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